Heald Place Primary School

Manchester Museum Art competition success.


Congratulations to three talented year 5 children who were winners in the Manchester Museum Art competition! 
 The exhibition of winning art work marks the 35th anniversary of  Manchester declaring the city a nuclear free authority. The theme of the competition was the Gingko Biloba tree  which grew in Hiroshima after the Atomic Bomb was dropped on Japan in 1945. The tree became to symbolize hope and peace . The children created pictures which depicted hope, happiness and peace by using symbols such as  flowers, hearts, rainbows and trees. They also wrote poems which were displayed alongside their pictures. 
Two of the winners gave a presentation to the Mayor of Hiroshima, a Japanese delagation and the Mayor of Manchester on Saturday14th Nov at Manchester Museum. The children explained the meaning behind their work. The Mayor of Hiroshima presented the children with certificates and the school has won a Gingko Biloba tree from Hiroshima in Japan which will be planted at Heald Place in the Spring of 2016 . Well done Year 5!!