Heald Place Primary School

WWF Summit Woking, Surrey


7 lucky Green Ambassadors from  Year 5 and 6 were fortunate enough to attend the WWF Summit on 9th/10th July.
They spent some of their time being nature detectives in the woods, they identified lots of different bugs and minibeasts, they even recorded their own findings on a chart and they took lots of interesting photos.



The pupils had a lovely time using pieces of fruit and seeds to make delicious bird feeders for all the local birds.

The children had an enjoyable time playing nature detectives in the woods and creating bug hotels using sticks, branches, leaves, stones and other natural resources.
The Green Ambassadors said that they had an AWESOME TIME!!!  and that they made lots of new friends.
The staff members that went to the awards ceremony also had a wonderful time and they learnt lots of interesting things.
We are looking forward to working with more Green Ambassadors next year.