Heald Place Primary School

China Links Project


Did you know that Heald Place Primary School has made green links with Beijing? On 19th October 2013 four schools from Manchester visited Beijing for a week as part of the China Links project organised by One Education and the British Council. The eight schools involved in the project agreed to be international partners and developed individual long-term educational programmes of mutual benefit for their teachers and pupils.

Heald Place Primary is partnered with Donggaodi No. 4 Primary School in Beijing. They have agreed a project of work which is focused on the environment.

A number of pupils from Heald Place Primary School have already been awarded a Carbon Literacy certificate by a programme created in Manchester and it is hoped that children in China can get involved in this process and hand on the climate change message to others. To help achieve this, we passed on some ideas from our 'Green Ambassadors' folder and trained some of the pupils in how to carry out their own school audit.

We have already started a sustainability review and audit of our school, looking at Energy, Healthy Living, Water, Waste, Travel and Transport and Biodiversity. We are currently in the process of updating our action plan and targets.

The children from Donggaodi No 4, having been introduced to the audit, will also carry this out so that the two schools can compare their findings.

Mrs Lynch-Deakin, ECO/ESD Lead from Heald Place Primary school, was lucky enough to take part in the visit to Beijing! During her tour of Donggaodi No. 4 Primary School, she taught two lessons on Climate Change, where she asked three important questions:

  1. What is climate change?
  2. What causes climate change?
  3. How can we stop climate change?

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