Heald Place Primary School

Little Hands Make Big Changes



Little Hands Make Big Changes project
Meet some of the Friends of Heald Place who have enthusiastically joined our team of helpers on Manchester City Councils Little Hands Make Big Changes project. This is a project supported by Jane Baker from the Community Engagement Team at Manchester City Council. They have provided us with lots of new gardening tools and bulbs to plant on our Pocket Garden.
Throughout the year we will be encouraging the local community to come and plant with us on our community garden, we will also be litter picking and learning about sustainability at the same time.
We have invited lots of people to come down to our little garden, these include our very own Green Ambassadors, our parents, some local residents, our community guardians, our volunteer gardeners (Urban Gardeners) and also some Green Ambassadors from Divine Mercy primary school.
One of the parents said that they really enjoyed their afternoon on our garden, they learnt how to make mulch from leaves, they are really looking forward to planting vegetables in the residents garden.
Our next Community Plant is Friday 16th January 2015, 2pm.