Heald Place Primary School

Roving Reporters


At Heald Place, we have our own news team, 'The Roving Reporters.' This team is made up of six children from the current Year 5. The Roving Reporters were specially selected to write a monthly blog for the Whitworth Art Gallery to report on the progress of the huge expansion it is currently undergoing. Click here to see the latest blog posting. 

So far, the children have paid a number of visits to the 'building site' to talk to people involved in the project to find out at first-hand how things are going and how the building work is impacting on people who work at the gallery. The Roving Reporters even got the chance to don hard hats and safety clothing for a quick tour of the site, where they were lucky enough to interview the site manager. 

To be able to write a professional blog, the children have received advice and guidance from the experts along the way. In July, the children met Richard, a former BBC reporter, who gave them invaluable advice on reporting news, such as making sure to report accurate facts!

In October, the children also got the fantastic opportunity to visit the North West Tonight studios at the BBC, where Michelle Mayman, the News Editor, kindly showed us around and explained how the news comes in, how it is put together and how the live news broadcast goes out. The following two accounts from our Roving Reporters explain the day in more detail and give a feeling of the impact the visit had on the children. They also show off the children's fantastic journalistic skills!

'Our Day at the BBC

We went to Media city; this was an amazing opportunity for the Roving Reporters. We had a tour around the BBC. Our tour guide, the editor of North West tonight Michelle Mayman took us all around the building, we even visited the news recording studio! It was a remarkable feeling. We had a Q&A with Annabel Tiffin and we learnt some astounding facts which will help us develop our own skills as news reporters! We sat on the exquisite Northwest Tonight red sofa! We learnt so much, for example, the fact that giving out news isn’t as easy as it looks!'


North West Tonight

We visited the BBC recently and we interviewed the generous editor Michelle Mayman. We asked her questions such as, 'How much news do you tell in a day?' and she replied 'in a day we deliver 2 types of news.' Next Michelle took us to the newsroom to interview Annabel Tiffin! When we met Annabel, we took some pictures and asked questions such as, 'What the worst thing that can happen when you read the news and how do you deal with it?' She replied, 'just pretend that you didn’t make a mistake but if it’s a big mistake say sorry.' Overall we had a fanastic and inspiring time at Media City.