Heald Place Primary School

4R Crime Scene Investigation


The children from 4R took part in a Crime Scene Investigation master class. Visitors from 'Junior Jam' came to school to teach them how they could catch a criminal.
"We had a fantastic day learning all about how to use aluminium powder to dust for finger prints and how to use the UV lamp to look for hidden prints. We also learned how to gather and organise lots of different types of evidence such as photographs, footprints, finger prints and hair.
After we had learned all of these skills and sent our evidence off to the 'lab' for testing we were able to interrogate our suspects. When we were deciding what questions to ask we had to think like detectives and ask leading questions that followed on from one another. We also had to put some pressure on our suspects to get them to own up to the crime.
It was a very long and tiring process but we had an amazing time and we learned a lot. We really enjoyed wearing the CSI uniforms and using all of the specialist equipment. So if you have a crime and it needs solving, you know where to come!"