Heald Place Primary School

Carbon Active Event at Manchester Arndale


Manchester children turn the tables and become the teachers in a three-day Carbon Active event at Manchester Arndale on 17-19 June.
Over the course of three days, pupils from eleven Manchester schools* will be teaching adults about climate change at The Carbon Classroom, as part of the annual Festival of Carbon Literacy.
The Carbon Literacy Project is working to create the world’s first Carbon Literate City - aiming to enable everyone to access a day of climate change learning. Project Co-Director Phil Korbel said: “Climate change affects everyone and yet it’s only a tiny minority of people doing anything about it. The Carbon Literacy Project is changing that by creating a ‘carbon instinct’ in us all – making it part of our routine to make those everyday changes that minimise the damage we’re doing to the future. Carbon Active and the Carbon Classroom at Manchester Arndale show everyone just how fun and easy it can be.”

On Friday 19th June 8 of our Year 6 pupils Green Ambassador champions became teachers at this event. They challenged shoppers to find out what they knew about climate change and they encouraged them to make Eco Pledges to help them change their ways to help combat climate change.
Some of the shoppers promised to:
Walk more.
Turn off the tap whilst brushing their teeth.
Hang their clothes outside to dry, rather then using the tumble dryer.

Can you join us and make a pledge?