Heald Place Primary School

Growing in the community


We have set up a parents and pupils gardening group called, “Growing in the Community”. Our first meeting and growing session was on Friday 4th March. 

We aim to l promote healthy eating and to encourage parents to get outside more. We want our gardening group to bring people together in a social activity. In the future we hope to combine our Bake Off group and we hope to use the Growing in the Community group to use their produce in their baking. We would also like to sell some of the produce to raise money for local charities.

Finally we want to offer enjoyment and pleasure to our parents, pupils and local residents.


At our first session we planted Red and Golden Onions, Peas, Broad Beans and Coriander in our fabulous polytunnel.


Our Growing in the Community group had their second session with Anne Gunning from the Royal Horticultural Society.

She showed them how to plant strawberries in our wonderful new tiered planters. She explained the importance of lining the planters with recycled plastic bags.

She showed the group how to use our amazing polytunnel more effectively and efficiently.

The group planted more onions, leeks and wildflowers.