Heald Place Primary School

VE Commemorations

VE 75/VJ 75 Commemorations

Following the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent social distancing and isolation measures currently in place, the Government has confirmed that planned commemorative events to celebrate VE75 have been postponed or scaled back. As a result to support home learning about this important time in our nation's history we are highlighting learning resources and activities that can be used in the coming months, these resources include:

  • Making use of the historic images available on-line from Archives+ at Manchester Central Library (archivesplus.org) to help tell the story of VE Day. 
  • Listening to sound recordings of people's first hand experiences on the Imperial War Museum website (iwm.org) and their social media channels. 
  • Drawing or painting a flag from a country involved in WWII and putting it up in a window at the front of your house. Gives families a chance to talk about and celebrate the heroes and talk about VE Day.  
  • Street party in your home - encourage families to create their own indoor party at home, putting up flags, banners and having a picnic tea in their front room.