Heald Place Primary School

Better Energy School Awards

Thank you!

Thank you very much for taking part in the Better Energy School Awards 2017 with your project 'Growing Alley / School Nature Reserve'.  We received entries from over 23,500 children and the standards this year were very high. 

You are doing a fantastic range of environmental work and fully involving the school community, including parents and children with English as an additional language  We can see from the photos how enthusiastic the children are and how much they enjoy the opportunity to work in the school garden and other outside areas.  We remain extremely impressed with everything that you are doing.  Congratulations to everyone involved and keep up the great work!  We hope you will take part in the Better Energy School Awards again next year.

Congratulations and thank you once again for taking part and for helping your students to learn more about taking care of our world.  I very much hope that Heald Place Primary School will take part in the Better Energy School Awards again next year!