Heald Place Primary School

ICT Specialism


At Heald Place, we have a specialist ICT teacher who 'team teaches' in all year groups on a rota basis to increase staff confidence, knowledge and expertise and subsequently to raise pupil attainment in this subject area. 

At Heald Place, we are already ahead of the game and planning computing activities into what we currently teach. We have been using Scratch programming software for a number of years across Key Stage 2 and are now planning to move into the world of 'Raspberry Pi.' This is actually a computer the size of a credit card that children can learn to program to do just about anything! 


Useful links

Scratch is free and can be used at home. Click here to access it. 

To find out more about 'Raspberry Pi' and what amazing things you can program it to do, click here


As part of the Open Futures initiative, we will be integrating lots of opportunities for children to learn about filming and video editing into our curriculum. 


We are now up and running with Skype! Children have had a number of opportunities to talk to their peers in our parner school in China. We hope to exploit the use of this, and other related technology to communicate with more of our partner schools at home and overseas!